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At Brown Mechanical Services we are big enough to solve any AC Repair/Replacement need, but small enough to care! Local Family Owned Business in Jupiter, FL

Whether you need a new system for a new construction project or if you need to replace an existing system that has become too costly to repair, Brown Mechanical Services offers the highest quality equipment at competitive prices and premium installation!

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      Air Conditioning Installation

      Have Your New AC System Installed Today!

      Even if your AC system is well maintained with our yearly maintenance, nothing lasts forever in the South Florida climate. Most AC systems last on average between 10 and 15 years before repairs are no longer cost effective and a new AC installation or air conditioning replacement is needed.

      An air conditioning system that runs efficiently and reliably is a requirement for summer survival. With Brown Mechanical Services you can be assured to receive direct and upfront pricing with a technician that is looking out for your best interest from the very beginning of the process, with no haggling or back and forth on the costs. Brown Mechanical will make sure that your HVAC installation goes as smooth as possible, and is done quickly but more importantly done right!

      Stop wasting money on a broken AC System!

      An ineffecient AC System can cause your electric bill to skyrocket! This is becuase your system is working extra to try and keep your house cool when it may be low on coolant, have diry filters, clogged drains or leaking ducts. All of these issues will cause your power bill to increase as much as 25%!

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      Diagnose the issue

      Sometimes replacement of the System isn’t necessary and your existing system can be repaired.  We will work with you to determine if repairing the system would be a better option based on cost to repair. We will also consider the expected efficiency of your old system or if a high efficiency new American Standard System is a better option.

      Recommend the solution that offers the best value to YOU – both in cost of equipment and overall efficiency

      We will evaluate the size of equipment needed to cool your home, office or space and determine what size equipment you may need. We will also inspect existing ductwork to determine if any repairs or upgrade need to be completed during installation.  Working within your budget we will come up with a price you are happy with and we always offer low interest financing to help you spread out the cost of you new system!

      Professional Install and Testing of your New AC System Installation

      Our team of professional AC Technicians in Jupiter will work to install your system using the highest quality products and procedures to ensure your new system will last a very long time! We guarantee our install and will make sure to test all systems prior to finalizing the install.

      Yearly Maintenance

      Once your new system is installed we will offer you the option to keep the system maintained on a yearly basis. This maintenance plan will ensure your system will match or exceed it’s expected lifespan!

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        Highest Quality AC Systems from American Standard®

        American Standard AC Equipment
        American Standard Logo

        AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 20 Air Conditioner Highlights

        • Maximize your home comfort with this AccuComfort ™ variable-speed air conditioner that works smarter to lower the operating cost.
        • Experience this AccuComfort ™ unit that has a wider operating range to allow the system to remain operating when the competition’s products are cycling on and off.
        • Get the comfort you set with AccuComfort ™ technology that is consistent with a ½ degree in 1/10th of 1% increments.
        • Experience the technology inside this central A/C unit that is the quietest at 4dB below the nearest competitor minimum.
        • Discover the advantage of owning this system available with lower compressor modulation and fan speeds yield amazingly low sound levels and max out the benefits of AccuClean™ Air Cleaner technology.
        • Get seamless comfort and reduced energy costs with Enhanced Humidity Control.
        • Receive dependable comfort for years to come with an A/C system that is built with quality materials, innovative features, durable construction and backed by our independent American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Dealers to ensure your central A/C unit.
        • Recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2019

        Experienced Technicians

        With over 30+ years of experience in AC and 10 years as an indoor air quality specialist. Our team is uniquely suited to diagnose, fix and maintain your systems.

        Neighborhood Favorite 2022 from Nextdoor

        Award Winning Service

        Named 2022 Favorite AC/Heating Company by Nextdoor© in all of Palm Beach County

        Yearly Maintenance

        Nobody wants to deal with a broken AC in August.  Our yearly maintenance service aims to keep you from those untimely breakdowns by keeping your system running strong!

        What Our Customers Say

        As a long time family owned/operated business ourselves, we like to work with other family owned/operated businesses; which is the heart of our small town community. When we have customers, with roof mount A/C systems, we need a good and reliable A/C company to work with us. Scottie and his crew are all extremely knowledgeable and professional. They take into consideration the time we need to complete the roof work and make sure they are there to get our customers cooled off again, as quickly as possible...which is a blessing during these excruciating summer months.
        Recently, our business office had our 27 year old A/C system stop working. Of course it was on an extremely hot day. Scottie came right out to look at it, ordered the new system and his crew got us back up and running in no time."


        Ron Worley | Worley Roofing

        Once again, Brown Mechanical Services has proven to be a great company.

        They promptly responded to my AC 88 degrees and climbing. Even after working hours Scottie was at our home within an hour. His knowledge and experince had our AC repaired and back to cooling our home. We made the right AC purchase and maintenance when chose Brown's Mechanical for our AC professionals! Thank you for going above and beyond all the rest!!"


        Lisa Westmoreland | Jupiter, FL

        There's no job too big or too small for this family owned business. They answer calls/text messages in a timely manner, come out right away to assess the issue and have the problem fixed in no time flat. Even if parts need to be ordered, Scottie is on it and makes sure his customers are not without A/C for very long. Their crew is absolutely amazing! They are all very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable."


        Candice Williams | Palm Beach Gardens

        I have used Brown Mechanical to tune up and repair my HVAC system over the last few years. They are a professional, family run, small business and they treat their customers fairly. They have the technical know how to fix and extend the life of your existing HVAC. When another contractor recommended I replace our entire HVAC system, I got a second opinion, it was from Scottie and Tiffany Brown. That opinion turned into a Float Switch/Sensor replacement vs entire unit replacement - saved me thousands. HVAC still works and is maintained by Brown Mechanical."


        Justin Hoysradt | Jupiter Farms

        Warning Signs of AC Repair Problems

        The warning signs that your Air Conditioning system may need ac repair range from the system just not working to strange noises and smells.  Don't wait until it breaks to have it serviced!

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        Increased Humidity

        Strange Noises

        Some customers report hearing loud buzzing or shaking noises coming from their system, this can often be a simple loose vent however it can also indicate large issue that can cause costly damage to your system!

        Call Today

        (561) 529-2959

        Call Today

        (561) 529-2959

        Increased Humidity

        Leaking Water

        Leaking water from your AC System can cause a lot of damage to your home. If you notice water coming from the area around your system turn off the AC System and call us for an ac repair.  A clogged drain line is the likely culprit, but an evaluation of protection systems should also be done!

        Increased Humidity

        Frozen Coil

        Some homeowners may notice, when changing filters or inspecting their systems, that there is ice building up on the coils. This can be caused by multiple factors, but should be inspected by a technician.  If ignored this can result in the AC System no longer functioning or even damage.

        Schedule Maintenance, Check-up or Service right here!

        Our team is excited to serve you and get your home, office, business or building comfortable and effecient!

        Our Expertise

        • A/C and Heating Systems 90% 90%
        • Indoor Air Quality 80% 80%
        • Refrigeration 75% 75%
        • Smart Cooling Thermostats 60% 60%


        When Should I Replace My Existing AC Unit?

        Sometimes age is not as important as how well it’s been maintained. Quality of the unit when it was installed is a huge factor. There are a few signs that indicate it’s time to start looking at your options: your unit is more than 10 years old, it’s not keeping up with your needs, you notice a big increase in your cost to run it, or it needs regular refrigerant refills.

        What is the Average Life of an Air Conditioner?

        The average life of your AC Unit will vary greatly depending on:

        •  How well the system was maintained and
        • The quality of the unit that was originally installed.


        In our area here in Jupiter and surrounding Palm Beach County, it is usually between 10-15 years if maintained properly. To get the most out of your unit, invest in a quality product and maintain it on a regular basis.

        How Do I Know What Size Air Conditioning Unit My Home Needs?

        A licensed and insured HVAC specialist like those at Brown Mechanical should be consulted before you add or replace a cooling system. We’ll do a proper calculation that factors in the layout and square footage of your house, average climate, the number and type of windows, insulation, and even the number of people living in the home. Without these considerations, you could end up with a unit that is either too small or too big. Purchasing a unit that is too small will likely not keep up with your cooling needs or last as long as expected. Oversized units can be just as bad where it constantly cycles on and off and wastes energy and creates dehumidification issues.

        What is SEER?

        All air conditioners have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher that number is, the more efficient your unit is. The current industry minimum for new air conditioners is 14, but state-of-the-art equipment can reach a SEER as high as 21 into the low 20’s. The average install at Brown Mechanical is 16. While the initial cost of the latter may be higher, the lower monthly operating costs will actually save you money over the life of the system.